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Sell Your Car Private Using My Car 4 Sale
Selling Your Car Privately
Selling Your Car Privately

Selling your car online is a lot of fun, especially if you are going going to by a new one in its place. But with most things in life, the more effort you put in to something, the better the end result/satisfaction.

To assist you selling your car quicker we have made a list of things to do beforehand or things to lookout for when selling your car. It's very important to read through the information as it helps you and the new buyer to quickly go through the selling process.


Step 1: Getting Ready To Sell Your Car

Make sure your car passes the road-worthy tests
Make sure your car passes
the road-worthy tests
  • Roadworthy-certificate: This is usually a good place to start. You can't sell your car without this. Costs between R350 - R500
  • Service History: Even if you haven't used the same company or done some of it yourself, be honest with a potential buyer
  • Proof Of Ownership: This is your responsibility - have all necessary documentation ready
  • Dents/Cracks: You have 2 options here. First, fix/repair small dents/cracks. Or, mention to buyer that these will be fixes once he/she buys the car
  • Be Available: Make sure you are available to meet potential buyers once you have advertised your vehicle on My Car For Sale
  • Valet: This is probably the best investment you will ever make. A full valet helps you to sell your car quicker. Tried and tested ... time and time again!


Step 2: Advertising Your Car On My Car For Sale

Write down your car's mileage
Write down your car's mileage
  • Photos: Quality photos sell cars. Get your camera ready and get those 5 pictures taken. The complete guide for taken quality pictures can be found here
  • Pen And Paper: Make sure to have a pen and paper ready and write down everything you know about your car. Remember to right down the car's mileage (kilometers)
  • Detail: It's important to list all the features that can be found in your car. From ABS to Sunroof. Write it down on the piece of paper before listing it on our website
  • Sell Your Car: Now that you have done the above mentioned, it's time to sell your car


Step 3: Viewing / Allowing a Test Drive

Take a friend with you when going for the test drive
Take a friend with you when
going for the test drive
  • Test Drive: A test drive is a reasonable request. Decide when, where and how to meet the potential buyer(s)
  • Viewers should come to you. For safety reasons it is not recommended that you go to them or meet them half way
  • Don't Go Alone: Unfortunately we live in South Africa where anything is possible. Ask a friend to go with you when meeting the buyer(s)
  • Garages: Garages are usually the best place to meet the buyer(s). There are usually CCTV's and a lot of people
  • Car Keys: Keep hold of the keys at all times and when allowing a test drive, make sure you are in the car (preferably with a friend) and the person driving the vehicle is insured and has a valid driver's license
  • Insurance: Make sure your car is fully insured until the sale is complete


Step 4: Show Receipts, Bills And Service History

Full Service History Helps When Selling Your Car Privately
Full Service History Helps
When Selling Your Car Privately
  • A lease: is an agreement between a buyer and a financial institution. It may not be transferred and any existing lease must be settled in full prior to a vehicle being transferred to another party
  • Service History: A service history and receipts for any recent parts will show the vehicle has been cared for
  • VIN: Vehicles without a vehicle identification number and/or engine number may be virtually unusable
  • Remember: The onus is on you, the seller, to inform the licensing authorities when you have sold your vehicle