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Selling Your Car Privately In South Africa

Getting Ready to Sell Your Vehicle


  • Make sure you have a roadworthy certificate for the vehicle you wish to sell
  • Get your vehicle cleaned - a full valet is usually well worth the investment
  • Prepare the service history - even if you haven't used the same company or done some of it yourself, be honest with a potential buyer
  • Make sure you are available to meet potential buyers once you have advertised your vehicle with My Car 4 Sale
  • Proof of ownership is your responsibility - have all necessary documentation ready
  • Bring your vehicle to the Farmers' Market on Saturday - And we'll take care of the rest!


Writing your advertisement


  • My Car 4 Sale will provide you with a form which you need to complete
  • This form contains all the information a potential buyer would need to know about the vehicle
  • Don't forget to provide as much information as possible. All vehicles are listed on our web site - the more you say, the more they know!
  • People buy a vehicle for many different reasons, so try to paint a word picture of value for money


Viewing / Allowing a Test Drive


  • A test drive is a reasonable request. Decide when, where and how, only after having given it some thought
  • Viewers should come to you. For safety reasons it is not recommended that you go to them or meet them half way.
  • Avoid seeing callers on your own
  • Keep hold of the keys at all times and when allowing a test drive, make sure you are in the vehicle (preferably with a friend) and the person driving the vehicle is insured and has a valid driver's license
  • Make sure the vehicle is fully insured until the sale is complete


Show Receipts, Bills and Service history


  • A lease is an agreement between a buyer and a financial institution
  • It may not be transferred and any existing lease must be settled in full prior to a vehicle being transferred to another party
  • A service history and receipts for any recent parts will show the vehicle has been cared for
  • Vehicles without a vehicle identification number (VIN) and/or engine number may be virtually unusable
  • Also remember the onus is on you, the seller, to inform the licensing authorities when you have sold your vehicle